Services starting at $150/hour.



Psychotherapy (ind.,couples,family)

$150/hour or Select Insurances — As a psychologist, Dr. Kee II’s goal is to provide support that is reflective of what you need for where you are along life's journey – addressing the challenges that exist in your present moment. Many of our most common struggles (eg. depression & anxiety), he believes, are the result of mental frameworks that we have developed, that are rigidly in place, and through which we filter, interpret, and make sense of our world. Sometimes, these frameworks may lead to unhealthy ways of understanding the world around us & cause distress that negatively affects our knowledge of who we are in relation to ourselves and others.

Using an integrative approach, Dr. Kee II will carefully & strategically help you to breakdown, redesign, and rebuild a healthier framework through which you can interpret the world. He will empower you to make changes at a rate that is comfortable for you, encouraging openness & collaboration, while instilling hope, problem-solving, and exploring real solutions with you.

What differentiates Dr. Kee II’s work from others’ is that he is uniquely positioned to offer help that can integrate both spiritual and business principles and strategies, making for effective coaching for and consultation to individuals, leaders, and organizations alike.


$150/hour — Coaching is a service that helps people maximize potential and live life optimally through personal, professional, and other life improvements.

As a coach (business/leadership, life, and spiritual), Dr. Kee II is equipped and skilled at providing insight, sharing strategies, and assisting with developing a plan of action to move individuals from where they are to where they want to be. 

What further enhances his coaching skills are his understanding and facility with motivational strategies to help move individuals along the continuum of change. Dr. Kee II’s background in clinical psychology gives him keen insight into and strategies for addressing one’s emotional/psychological barriers to goal attainment.



Variable project rate — With expertise at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and business and having done extensive research on leadership and leadership development, Dr. Kee II is well-versed in the skills to assist spiritual and business leaders, management, department heads and teams, healthcare professionals, and mental health clinicians in addressing difficulties and challenges, change management projects, team building issues, organizational restructuring, self-care, work/life balance, and self-improvement.

Speaking engagements/Keynoting

Variable hourly rate — Dr. Kee II is a well-sought after speaker, having traveled locally and internationally teaching seminars, facilitating workshops, and giving talks to individuals – from small project team forums to leadership staff training of large organizations. He speaks on topics on the intersection of psychology, spirituality, and business with expertise on leadership development and health, youth, men’s issues, spiritual health, and holistic health and wellness.  His doctoral dissertation focused on training servant-leaders.