“Kee 2 Wellness”


Our process, packages, and core workshops/seminars

Our consultants will work with you to craft a “Kee 2 Wellness” program that fits your company’s or ministry’s vision, values, and people.

Our Process:

Our Proven Process focuses on both individuals and organizations alike to:

1) Achieve (small wins; confidence and self-efficacy);

2) Produce (helping the client to develop structures, processes, cultures, and systems for productivity and sustainable change); and

3) Become (fulfillment of personal or organizational vision and mission; identity and brand)

·         We help you to identify which types of empowerment initiatives will be most meaningful in helping your teams to achieve.

·         Develop and design strategies for progress and productivity

·         Provide practice tools and a “Kee 2 Wellness” plan to manage, maintain, and transform (self/company)

What your “Kee 2 Wellness” plan could look like:

1)    BASIC: Monthly classes (plus consultation with leadership)

2)    ADVANCED: BASIC + Individual coaching for key player/individuals in your company/ministry or for yourself (in-person or via telehealth – 6 weeks)

3)    THE WORKS: ADVANCED + Leadership development (training) and/or Organizational Assessment & Wellness Plan


List of Core Classes (You can also request classes tailored to your needs*)


·         Mind Battles

·         Stress – Be Gone!

·         Selfcare for the Ministry Leader


·         Breaking Addictive Behaviors

·         How to Recover

·         Managing Your Mental Health


·         Being Made Whole: Clinical & Spiritual Insights

·         Living in Abundance

·         Character Flaws


·         MANAGER (Managing Attitude, Negativity, Aggression, Guilt, & Explosive Rage) (For Men 18+)

·         BOSS (Bravely Overcoming Stupid Stuff) (For Males under 18)

·         Improving Relationships


·         Healthy Mind; Healthy Money!

·         Running Your Life Like a Business


·         When Occupation and Vocation Converge

·         Understanding Your Purpose


·         Healthy Eating

·         Let’s Get Physical!

·         Look Good – Feel Good!

·         Minding Your Image


·         Improving Personal Satisfaction

·         Defining Personal Success/Personal Vision & Mission


·         Protecting Your Peace

·         R.E.S.T. (Releasing Expectations Surrounding Today)

·         Setting Boundaries


·         Time for Another Look (Parts I & II)

·         Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, & Leadership Preparedness

·         Transforming Lives That Change the World

·         The Balancing Act

·         Look Who’s Sitting in the Pews

·         Leadership & Mental Health

·         Facilitating Change: Strategies & Outcomes

·         Modeling Emotionally Healthy Habits and Relationships

·         Practicing the Healthy Use of Power

·         Dismantling the Parent-Child Dynamic

·         Exhibiting Transformational Leadership

Organizational Culture/Dynamics

·         Unity in the Community

·         Addressing Suicidal Ideation in the Church

·         Opportunity in Opposition

·         Deal or No Deal

·         10 Tips for Promoting an Emotionally Healthy Congregation

·         Building Teams

·         Determining Ministry Suitability: Assessment & Feedback

·         Developing a Culture of Safety (For Religious Institutions)


·         Don’t Trip! (For Ushers)

·         Act Like a Man (For Men)

·         Finding Christ in the Crisis (For Youth)

·         Emerging Adulthood (For Youth)

·         Counseling and Spiritual Admonition 101 (For Counseling Departments)