Rayvann Kee II, PsyD, MBA

Known for his vibrant personality, wit, passion, and ability to connect deeply with others, Dr. Kee II emerges as one of the freshest motivational voices of our time. He hails from a meager upbringing – yet one of love, wisdom, strong values and work ethic, and strong spiritual foundation. As a result, he has been able to dream beyond the limitations of his family of origin’s environment and achieve beyond society’s expectation for him.  He was the first to attend college and obtain an undergraduate education, and has completed his formal educational career, having earned five degrees by age 34.

Dr. Kee II is a licensed clinical psychologist and entrepreneur.  He is an author, motivational speaker, consultant, coach, and preacher.  Coming from a working-class family with a father who was a postal worker and mother who was a homemaker, Dr. Kee II did not allow lack of money or a well-known name to hinder him from maximizing his potential. Knowing that it wouldn’t be easy to realize his unfolding dreams of higher education and professional freedom, he held on to his drive and remained determined not to settle for mediocrity. Dr. Kee II believes he has been called to “set a standard of excellence” for those he would inspire and motivate, mentor, and lead.

To date, he has mentored many young men who have seen personal and professional successes in their lives; developed curricula to build leadership capacity among budding leaders; coached and counseled business managers, departmental directors, ministry workers, pastors, leaders, and entrepreneurs; founded a non-profit geared towards developing personal excellence among young men; started his own private practice; created and facilitated seminars and workshops that provide insightful and practical tools for leaders, leadership teams, and organizations to use; and traveled locally and internationally speaking, teaching, motivating, and building others.

Dr. Kee II’s life’s work is to heal, inspire, and empower others to be all that they are meant to be. With a brilliant mind, an humble beginning, a positive attitude, spiritual fortitude, and bold tenacity, Dr. Kee II has learned the keys to ensure that he and all who desire to, can ACHIEVE, PRODUCE, and BECOME.

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